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King Solomon and the Baby

Solomon was the 3rd king of Israel, son of David and Bathsheba. In the 1st Book of Kings, Solomon’s wisdom takes many forms:

Two women have babies. One baby dies in the night. That mother took the other baby from its sleeping mother’s bed , claiming the live baby as her own. Solomon says he will give each woman one half of the baby. That is fine with the false mother, but the true mother begs Solomon to spare the child and give it to the other woman. Thus Solomon determines the real mother.
First Kings, Chapter 3:1-15

King Solomon and the Baby

Artwork Details:

Original Artwork 30" x 24"     Contact Us
Ink on Canvas Giclée
(with stretcher bars)
18" x 14" $500 $90
Ink on Canvas Giclée
(rolled canvas only)
18" x 14" $465 $50
Ink on Paper Giclée 8.5" x 11" $50 $20