Arthur and Judith Sussman

Arthur Sussman Gallery
Original Artwork and
High Quality, Signed, Limited Edition Giclées
(Ink on Canvas and Ink on Paper)

About This Site

The technologies behind printing and scanning have come a long way over the past decade or so. Many years ago, Arthur Sussman considered the possibility of offering his work to a wider audience through the creation of ink on canvas giclées. Unfortunately, the results he saw could not reproduce the quality and intensity of his work, so he abandoned his efforts to pursue this path.

After his death in January, 2008, Judith Sussman thought about how she could bring Arthur's work to more people while staying true to his artistic vision and remembered Arthur's earlier pursuit of affordable reproductions. She discovered just how far the giclée printing process has progressed and was very impressed with the results.

Through a local Albuquerque printing company, she selected a few of Arthur's original paintings and had them scanned and reproduced on canvas as a test. When the original and reproduction were viewed side by side, the reproduction was true to the original in both detail and color. At that point, Judith decided that it was worthwhile to pursue this option and offer smaller, more affordable versions of some of his works.

Sheldon and Lori Liebman first met the Sussmans after arriving in Albuquerque in 1996. Their friendship grew over spirited discussions of spirituality and life. When Arthur passed away in January of 2008, Lori was one of the pallbearers at his funeral.

When Judith decided to continue with the business of the Arthur Sussman Gallery, Sheldon and Lori offered to help through their company, L&S Marketing. This site is one of the results.

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