Arthur and Judith Sussman

Arthur Sussman Gallery
Original Artwork and
High Quality, Signed, Limited Edition Giclées
(Ink on Canvas and Ink on Paper)

Joseph and the Robe of Many Colors

Joseph was the 11th son of Jacob and the older son of Rachel, the wife that Jacob loved. Joseph was his father’s favorite. Jacob made Joseph a coat of many colors. This robe set him apart from his brothers and triggered hatred and jealousy in them. He was cast into a pit and later sold into slavery.
Genesis, Chapter 10:12-36

NOTE: This painting is owned by the Albuquerque Museum of Art (Gift of Genelia E. Brodie in memory of Richard M. Brodie through the Albuquerque Museum Foundation). Every time a giclée of this work is sold, a donation will be made to the museum in honor of the buyer.

Joseph and the Robe of Many Colors

Artwork Details:

Original Artwork Size: 96" x 48"      
Ink on Canvas Giclée
(with stretcher bars)
36" x 18" $900 $90
Ink on Canvas Giclée
(rolled canvas only)
36" x 18" $855 $50
Ink on Paper Giclée 11" x 8.5" $50 $20