Arthur and Judith Sussman

Arthur Sussman Gallery
Original Artwork and
High Quality, Signed, Limited Edition Giclées
(Ink on Canvas and Ink on Paper)

Nonprofit Fundraising Opportunities

Both Judith Sussman and L&S Marketing are committed to charitable causes, so we have created opportunities for nonprofit organizations to raise money through sales of the artwork available through this site.

For organizations that own paintings by Arthur Sussman and allow us to scan those works, we will donate 20% of revenues from the sales of the giclées based on those paintings. Currently, we are offering 3 works for sale that meet those criteria: "Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors" and "Tower of Babel," owned by the Albuquerque Museum (Albuquerque, NM) and "Song of Songs," owned by Congregation Albert (Albuquerque, NM). Any time one of these pieces is sold, a donation is made in honor of the purchaser.

For other nonprofit organizations (501c3 status), we offer three different opportunities to earn 20% of sales for approved groups (see below for details on how to become approved).

The first opportunity is to have purchasers from this site include the name of your group when they order online. All online orders include a "Special instructions/comments" box that can be used to indicate the name of an approved nonprofit organization. If an order is received with that information, a 20% donation will be made to that organization in honor of the buyer.

The second opportunity is to hold a show featuring the artwork on this site. We can work with your group to ship artist's proofs (not for sale) for display at your location and you can accept sales orders directly during the show. Once the show closes, you send us the summary of all orders taken along with 80% of the purchase price for these items. We will fill the orders and ship them to you for delivery (at your expense).

The third opportunity is specific to nonprofits that have retail stores (like museums). We can provide you with a printed catalog that you can use to sell any item on this site. As above, you pay us 80% of the purchase price on any sales (plus the cost of shipping) and we will deliver the completed order to you or directly to your buyers.

How to Become an Approved Organization

If your organization is interested in any of our three fundraising opportunities, please contact us via email at  and include information about your organization and its mission. If we are interested in helping to support your cause, we will request a copy of your 501c3 Approval Letter. Once we have a copy of that letter, we can discuss how to work together to best meet all of our goals. After we have finalized all the details, we will give you approval to promote our relationship to your members and friends.